Book Benevolence

As a unique service, Tulsa Home Educators offers free books, materials and curriculum through our Book Benevolence program.
We gather materials from homeschoolers, private and public schools and make them available to all home educating families.

Distribution Days: The third Saturday of each month, excluding November and December

Distribution Times: Third Saturday of each Month from 9:00 a.m.- Noon

Distribution Location: Jenks Church 2101 W. 118th Street South in Jenks

Distribution Location Directions: Go east 1 mile off of Hwy 75 on E. 121st St and then turn north on Elwood to 118th St.

The building is on the west side of Elwood Ave.

The next Book Benevolence is Saturday,  August 16, 2014.

We ask only a few things:

1. That you take what your family needs for this year.  PLEASE don’t stockpile for the future.
2. That you consider donating your used materials to bless other families
3. That you NOT donate curriculum that is written in more than 70%, not donate copyright restricted items ( and if you are unsure, that’s ok…WE know:)
4. That you bring back items when you are finished.
5. That you try not to bring your younger children . The space is just not conducive to young children. 

Testimonials from those who have benefited from Book Benevolence

If you have benefited from this program, please send us a testimonial at

Donation Information

Please contact Linda via email for donation information.